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The Healthy Chef Baking Mat is a food grade non-stick silicone mat used for baking delicious reduced fat dishes easy!
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Detailed Description

The Healthy Chef Baking Mat is superior to all baking mats in the market, as it is the first mat that has 351 crisscrossed raised contours. The crisscrossed raised contours redirect airflow, which meanders under food- baking them light and crispy! Fat, grease and residue from food drains to the bottom of the mat, leaving you with light, crispy and healthier results! The Healthy Chef Baking Mat can also be used for a variety of uses- it can be used as a trivet, pot holder, drying rack and as a gripper to open up jars. Product Features:
* non-stick raised silicone baking mat
* air circulate under and around food
* easily get crispy, juicy evenly cooked food
* oven safe up to 428 degrees
* safe for microwave use
* dishwasher safe
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