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Mighty Bamboo Towels
The towel that gives you the ultimate clean!
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Detailed Description

Mighty Bamboo Towels are the last towels you will need for your kitchen, bathroom, etc. Mighty Bamboo Towels come as a twin pack with each roll having 20 sheets. Super strong and ultra absorbent, the Mighty Bamboo Towel has the strength of a cloth in a kitchen towel. Reusable and machine washable, Mighty Bamboo Towel is reusable and machine washable which gives you up to 3200 uses per pack!

Naturally super strong - holds up to 22lbs in weight,, even when wet
They don't fall apart - even when scrubbing stubborn stains or when wet
No more smelly cloths - because Mighty Bamboo Towel is anti-bacterial, they won't go smelly or spread nasty germs
Save money and the world - no more mountains of paper towels, each towel can be used, and machine washed up to 80 times
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