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Pink Forearm Forklift Lifting Straps
Breast Cancer Research Foundation Model
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Detailed Description

To date over 6 million pairs of these patented Forearm Forklift lifting straps have been sold worldwide! Forearm Forklift is the easy way for two people to move heavy furniture, mattresses and appliances. Simply position the two straps under the object, cross the straps, select insert to adjust length and carry with arms at a 45� angle.
Fortunately, the patent holder has made a very generous donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and is now pleased to launch this special edition pink Forearm Forklift. The new product even includes a pink breast cancer "awareness" bracelet in each package.

Easy on the back. Takes advantage of leverage, allowing anyone to easily move heavy items.

Adjustable length for carrying small, med., lg. & XL furnishings.

Makes easy work of maneuvering furniture, mattresses and appliances, even up and down stairs!

Won�t scratch floors or get stuck like furniture dollies.

Stores easily in a cabinet drawer or a glove box of car. Can even be carried in back pocket of pants!
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